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Layaway Program


Plans Available:

  • Plan 1 =  2-payment plan---1/2 due at time of order with the remaining 1/2 within 30 days.
  • Plan 2 = 3-payment plan---1/3 due at time of order, 1/3 due in 30 days with the remaining 1/3 within 60 days.
  • Plan 3 = 4-payment plan---1/4 due at time of order, 1/4 due within 30 days, 1/4 due within 60 days with the remainder due within 90 days.

You can schedule your payments either on a bi-monthly (twice a month) or on a monthly basis to be automatically charged to the credit card or paypal account you placed the initial order with . . . you can pay-in-full your layaway plan at any time.  Product will be held until final payment of layaway plan has been completed.

How to place a LAYAWAY order:

Place your order through the shopping online page, then send me an email at: Brenda@outdoorrugco.com  or give me a call at 863-660-9225 (AT&T Cell) or 863-255-6733 (Verizon Cell).  Your email also needs to include the payment plan you're signing up for, authorization to use credit card # you entered when you placed the order for your payments, or your paypal address so I can send you invoices through PayPal for payment and the payment schedule that you want (bi-monthly/monthly).

You will receive an invoice by email for each installment payment due.  You will also receive an email confirmation on payment received with the final payment confirmation containing the tracking number to your shipped order.

Conditions of Layaway Terms:

  • Layaway merchandise is non-refundable.
  • Item (s) will be secured at the price on the date of the original Layaway Order.  That is, the price of the merchandise on the date the layaway is started is what the layaway will be billed at, whether stock goes on special or has a price increase later.
  • Cancellation Charges: If a layaway is cancelled, there will be a restocking fee of $75.00.  Any remaining funds paid will be refunded as a store credit.  There are no cash refunds.
  • Late Payment Charges:  If a scheduled payment is more than 5 days late, a $10 late charge will be assessed.  If any payment is more than 14 days late, the order will be cancelled.  The late fees & restocking charge will be deducted from payments made with the remaining funds being given back as a store credit.
  • No price adjustments:  The price of any item ordered under any of the layaway plans will be the price of the date the item was ordered.
  • You cannot receive any part of the LayAway order until the layaway plan is completely paid in full.
  • I cannot offer cash refunds on layaway purchases--refunds will be in the form of a store credit for the remaining balance of funds paid, after deducting the restocking fee plus any late fees due. 
  • By placing an order using any of my layaway plans, you hereby agree to the layaway terms and conditions.


1.  What is a layaway?
            A layaway is a purchase plan designed for customers who want to buy merchandise and pay in full through installments before getting the merchandise.

2.  When will my merchandise be shipped?
              On average merchandise is shipped within 5-7 business days after final payment has been received by MY bank.  I will send you the tracking number.

3.  What are my payment options?
                I accept mastercard, visa, discover, and PayPal.