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Sunshades & End Screens/Panels

Unlike your typical camping supply store, our standard sunshades (also called awning shades or awning drops by some folks) are 6' in height and have grommets approximately every two feet across the TOP AND BOTTOM.  The top grommets are for your party lights; while the bottom grommets help hold down your awning.  The length of the shade is up to you.  Standard sizes include 6'x12', 6'x14', and 6'x16' but we can make them to fit your needs; we can make the 7' or 8' in height as well OR whatever size you need.  NEW --Two piece shade for those automatic awnings.  The top piece is approximately 2' in height (you determine the length) while the second piece is 6' tall.  If you need the second piece other than 6' in height, we can do that too!  Sunshade help protect you from the sun allowing you to enjoy those beautiful afternoons while giving you the added benefit of helping to hold down your awning.  Sunshades can be ordered thru the mail, internet or you may pick them up at our location. 


End Panels or End Screens - Typically our end screens are 6' high x 6' wide x 8' high on the tall side allowing for some air to pass thru.  However, we can make them to whatever size you desire.  Keep in mind, most automatic awnings do not have an arm to attach the top to; however, some automatic awnings have a bar that you can attach a special square end panel to and therefore giving you some protection.  Call us for additional info.