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Outdoor Breathable Rugs

Outdoor breathable rugs will not kill the grass and are allowed by virtually all campgrounds.  A rug will enhance your outdoor living area while helping to keep the dirt, sand and grass out of your coach.  These rugs are easily kept clean by sweeping and simply can be hosed off to get rid of the dirt.  Normally you will need to hose them off only once or twice a year unless you get into a muddy area.  When that happens, simply put some liquid laundry detergent on it, swish it around with a broom and its clean!  Since these rugs are made with a PVC coated polyester yarn, they do not hold water; so, when it rains they are dry in about fifteen minutes (unless you are in a puddle!).  Our most popular size is 9' wide by 20' long, which folds to approximately 15" wide x 30" long x 4" thick.  You want the width of nine feet so that the water will run off your awning and fall onto and go thru the rug.  If it's narrower than your awning, the dirt will splash on whatever you have sitting on the edge of your rug.  We can, however, make you a rug to your specifications depending on availability of material.  You can get them by mail, at one of our locations, shows and rallies.  New patterns arrive regularly at our warehouse so, if you don't see something you like on our website, email or call us and give us an idea of what you are looking for.  We'll let you know if we have something that might work for you.